Krill Oil Can’t Save You From Arrhythmia

heart arrhythmiaKrill oil may protect against several heart diseases, except for one thing – heart arrhythmia, according to doctors from “Britain Medical Journal”. Doctors analyzed the effect of a dietary supplement of more than 30 thousand patients from 12 different studies and found that krill oil actually prevents deaths from heart disease, but does not have strong beneficial effects on health in case of arrhythmia.

Three studies involving more than 11 thousand people have showed a neutral effect of krill oil on the disruption of the heart, and six studies involving 31 thousand patients have not found effectiveness of krill oil against arrhythmias.

But in 11 studies they have documented a 20-percent reduction in mortality from heart disease with krill oil consumption.

British cardiologists concluded that there are no available, qualified and credible evidence about the benefits of fish oil against the malfunction of the heart.

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The review authors have even suggested that the benefits of fatty acids in krill oil, fish oil and cod liver oil are significantly overstated, and because of this, many residents of the marine world are threatened with extinction.

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