Neptune Krill Oil

Neptune krill oilAntarctic krill Euphausia superba has the largest number of patent cases and examples of commercial exploitation of marine organisms as a source of raw materials. Patent applications for the use of krill across a broad range of areas, including such commercial applications as the production of washing machines and other cleaning products, food processing, food and chemical industry, molecular biology, enzyme production, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals production, dietary supplements, food supplements and skin-care production.

Many of these patent applications were filed by companies from Japan, Spain, Chile, Great Britain, Sweden, Canada, USA, Poland and Korea. Derived from krill enzymes and extracts are offered to treat or prevent acne, infection, inflammation, diabetes, strengthen the immune system, treatment and prevention of some forms of cancer, as well as to remove the tartar. Furthermore, krill is widely used as feed for fish and livestock, and even as a component of the human nutrition (eg, as a flavoring in soy sauce).

Since krill is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, krill oil is very useful as a food additive. Companies such as Canada’s “Neptune Technologies and Bioresources” American “Source Naturals” and Norwegian “Aker BioMarine,” offer a wide range of vitamins and dietary supplements, derived from krill and by-products of its processing. Examples of their products are NKO krill oil supplements (it costs about $20 for 30 capsules) and Superba krill oil (launched in March 2008).

In 2008, the “Neptune” company’s actions (which received a European patent for the production of krill oil) were objected by two other major producers of krill oil – “Aker BioMarin” company and the Israeli “Enzimotek”, which had filed their own competing patent application. But when an independent team of American experts made decision that NKO supplements are safe for consumption as food, and thus opened the way for its future commercialization in the U.S., the use of krill components in foods and dietary supplements is likely to expand. On our site, by the way, you may also find information about another big company, which produce food supplements – Source Naturals.

In 2007, “Neptune” has entered into agreements to conduct research with the Swiss food group “Nestle” and “Yoplet”, with dairy unit of  U.S. food group “General Mills Inc.” in connection with the use of krill in food production.

Nowadays, the use of Neptune Krill Oil is becoming more popular. More and more people are feeling the beneficial properties of these food additives and their positive effect on health, because omega 3 benefits are obvious. But do not forget that before using this medication, consult your doctor to determine the correct dosage.

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